Nulls Brawl Stars 31.81 download APK

Null’s Brawl – This is a MOD where you play on a private Brawl Stars server. On the private server Null’s Brawl, you have unlimited money and gems available

Nulls Brawl

New brawler – Lou

Lou is a fun snow cone that is always fun. He’s so positive that it annoys Mr.P as hell.


The main attack – shoots snow cones, which impose the effect of Frost. When the target has accumulated enough ice, it will be stunned for 1 second.

Superpower – Throws snow cone syrup that creates a slippery surface on the ground.

Gadget – Lou freezes, becoming invulnerable and unable to perform any actions for 1 second.

What’s new in Nulls Brawl 31.81

List of changes:

  • Added skins;
  • New brawler Lou;
  • Updated map editor;
  • Balance change made;
  • New game environment – Snowtel;
  • New gadgets;
  • New star powers;
  • Added new maps.

Download Nulls Brawl 31.81 with Lou

Link available for download

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