Download Nulls Brawl 47.200 with Chester, Mandy and Gray (Season 16)

The long-awaited update of Brawl Stars has been released without boxes on version 47.200, but with three new brawlers.

The update is very big, as the progress of the game changes, and the boxes simply leave the game. Getting bravlers will no longer be a mystery, so you can choose any character you like and get it right after the update. There will also be a lot of new images, a New Year’s game mode, icons and much more.


  • There are NO MORE boxes and calculating the chances of getting rewards!
  • Collect credits to unlock fighters on Starr Road!
  • A new season of Brawl Pass, in which Mandy appears — a chromatic fighter and a real candy queen!
  • New fighters: Chester (legendary) and Gray (mythical).

Download Nulls Brawl Stars 47.200 with Chester, Mandy and Gray (Season 16)

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