Download Nulls Brawl 43.229 with Janet and Bonnie

New Season 12 Brawl Stars Stunt Show.


New brawler: Janet
Rarity: Chromatic
It will be available in the 12th season of “Extreme Show”.


Basic Attack: Attacking enemies with her singing, she hits a high note, dealing damage in a cone-shaped area. The longer you hold the aim button, the farther and more focused the attack.
Super Attack: Janet’s Super uses a jetpack that lifts her into the air for a few seconds. While in the air, she attacks opponents on the ground.


Bonnie has two modes that are switched.

  • Main attack: Bonnie attacks at close range with three bullets that explode in a small radius and deal 1000 damage each. Moves fast.
  • Super: Bonnie transforms into a cannon and fires from a distance, dealing 1650 damage.

Download Nulls Brawl 43.229

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