Download Nulls Brawl 52.177 with Charlie

Hello, Brawl Stars enthusiasts! The new version of Nulls Brawl 52.177 has introduced the long-awaited brawler Charlie and many other exciting features.

New Season 21

The Odd Circus and Charlie Every update brings the anticipation of a new character. And this time, it’s the chromatic hero – Charlie. She’s adept at street tricks and has found herself in a nearby exotic circus.

Main Attack – Charlie uses her hair as a yo-yo style weapon. It zooms forward, bouncing off targets or obstacles, offering a fresh and thrilling way of combat.

Her Super ability is called “Cocoon”. As the name suggests, Charlie can wrap an enemy in a cocoon, rendering them inactive for a short while and giving her team the upper hand. A new ability for strategic planning.

What’s New?

  • Halloween skins
  • Club changes: Goodbye old club features. Hello, Mega Bank!
  • Charlie – new chromatic brawler
  • Hyper-charges: New capabilities for Charlie and other brawlers.
  • New loading screen
  • Bug fixes

Download Nulls Brawl 52.177 with Charlie

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