Download Nulls Brawl 36.257 with New Brawlers Buzz and Griff New version

Updated 01.07.2021: The latest version of the Nulls Brawl private server is already available for download at the end of the article.

THE LONG-AWAITED BRAWL TALK dedicated to the seventh season of the Jurassic Summer Brawl Pass is out!

New brawler – Buzz

Buzz is a beach lifeguard and also this season’s chromatic fighter.
He does his job poorly – height and short arms interfere, but he loves the rules and telling others what is allowed and what is not.

Buzz is a melee fighter, and his Super consists in throwing a float at an enemy or a wall and pulling himself there, and the enemy will be briefly stunned.

New brawler – Griff

Griff throws nine coins, and they fly wider the further they fly. This allows you to reach enemies from afar, but the main damage of the coins is done to those who are nearby.

Super Attack – Giff throws five sharp-edged banknotes in a wide cone-shaped area, and they deal damage even on the way back. The farther away the enemy, the more damage. Also, banknotes fly over the walls on the way back.

Download Nulls Brawl 36.257 with New Brawlers Buzz and Griff

Post and links will be updated.

Download link will be available soon, in the meantime, download the latest version of Brawl Stars Private Server.

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