Download Null’s Brawl 41.148 with new brawlers Grom and Fang

Updated 23/12/2021 The latest version of the private server Nulls Brawl 41.148 is available for download

A new season in Brawl Stars, two new fighters, new maps and skins are waiting for you very soon!

New Brawler Grom

Grom is the new epic fighter. He is a security guard at Starr Park, is friendly with his walkie-talkie and is afraid of children. To prevent anyone from guessing about his phobia, he hides his face under a smiling hood. It attacks with bombs that explode when it touches the ground. His Super works the same way, but with more power, and also destroys walls. The Brawler will be available for free in the thematic test on December 23rd. If you didn’t win the test, you can knock it out of the boxes or buy it from the store.


The new Chromatic Fighter is Fang, coming for the new season in January. He works at the Starr Park Cinema and is trying to make a career as an actor by acting in low-budget martial arts films. His weapons are his own legs. Unlike Rosa, El Primo or Buzz, he attacks with one hit, not a series. He attacks at long range, but with great damage. His Super is a jump kick. When Super hits an enemy, he moves to the next target within Super’s range. Thus, he can strike up to 4 times.

Download Null’s Brawl with new brawlers Grom and Fang

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