Download the new version of Brawl Stars 35.179 with new fighters Belle and Squeak

Updated on 22/05/2021. Brawl Stars 35.179 – Available For Download.

New update of Brawl Stars is available from 03.04.2021. Many new skins, maps and other improvements.

New brawler – Belle

Belle is a chromatic fighter of the “Shooter” class. You can get a pass to the fight from any box and from level 30 of Season 6. Attack: Belle is a shooter, and when using the main attack, the projectile from her gun will bounce from target to target until it splits. Super: Her Super is a special bullet, and if it hits the target, the enemy will take more damage, regardless of the source.


New brawler – Squeak

Squeak – mythical fighter that can be obtained from any box.


Squeak throws a projectile that sticks to walls and opponents. As soon as it sticks to the target, the nearest area will start flashing. After that, the projectile will explode and cause damage.


Super: Fragmentation bomb-Once on the map, it acts on a small area, and explodes.

Download Brawl Stars 35.179 with new brawlers Belle and Squeak

The link will be available for download soon. Download the latest version of Brawl Stars for now.

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