Download Nulls Brawl 38.111 Update With New Brawler Meg

While the developers are preparing for the club wars, they decided to please us with something legendary. It’s about Meg, the new legendary fighter.

Meg repairs vending machines and is very technical. She wants to be a hero, like Max and Surge. Max thinks that Meg is not yet mature, and does not take her with him. But this does not stop Meg – she rushes into battle anyway. Meg is armed with an air pistol, and her damage is low at medium range. Her health stock is also small. But as soon as she charge the Super …

When Meg uses Super, she summons her assistant robot, and then they cannot be stopped. The robot shoots two laser cannons that fire eight rounds. Its Super button has a special mechanic: it activates additional. an attack that inflicts colossal damage to all enemies in the affected area. This attack charges quite quickly, but the robot’s main attack does not affect its charge. And be careful – if Meg saddles the robot, her health points will decrease. So sooner or later it will return to its normal form. When Mag’s health bar reaches zero, her robot breaks down, but Mag herself returns to battle. So it can be eliminated only by destroying the “regular” Mag. Mag is the sixth Legendary Brawler to appear in the game with the update.

Download Nulls Brawl with Meg

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